Things You Need to Know Before Going to The Netherlands

Northern Ireland Uses A Different Currency 

A great many people with sufficient interest in Ireland to visit will definitely realize that it’s parted into two distinct nations, yet might not have thoroughly considered the items of common sense. In the event that traversing the boundary, you ought to know that as a component of the UK, Northern Ireland utilizes pound authenticity, not the euro. Since global bank cards will work totally in ATMs and chip and pin terminals on the two sides it will not have an enormous effect, however it’s valuable in case you’re intending to shop – even before Brexit, shopping for food bills in Northern Ireland were around 15% less expensive than in the republic. 

Non-EU Travelers Can Shop Tax-Free 

In a connected point, voyagers from outside the EU are qualified for tax-exempt shopping in Ireland. Applying for a Fexco Horizon card before you show up implies you would then be able to enlist and swipe it in any partnered area in the nation (counting Avoca Handweavers, the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin Zoo and some more), prior to asserting back deals charge on those buys at the air terminal on your way home. The help has even dispatched a tax-exempt shopping application, through which you can request and enroll your card, find partnered outlets and track buys. 

Lease A (Small) Car 

While a large portion of the significant Irish sights can be taken in utilizing public vehicle or visit transports, leasing a vehicle merits considering, to get to those breathtaking spots off in an unexpected direction. In the event that you will lease one, recall that individuals in Ireland drive on the left hand roadside and pass on the right – something contrary to US drivers. It’s ideal to lease a little vehicle for visiting rustic territories – dirt roads in Ireland are famously restricted and winding, and a few local people drive along them more rapidly than you may anticipate. 

Check Your Baggage Restrictions 

Irish spending carrier Ryanair is known for giving inexplicably low tolls to flying inside Europe. They are likewise known for putting certain guidelines on those deal level passages, for example, weighty lodge stuff limitations. On a Ryanair flight, you can welcome on board just one lodge pack – weighing as much as 10 kilos and fitting explicit measurements – in addition to one little sack like a satchel. Lodge sack limits are something similar on the banner transporter carrier of Ireland, Aer Lingus. Enormous expenses are charged for processing in any baggage that doesn’t fit these necessities at the air terminal.

Tips for a Wonderful Trip in Cancun

Vacationing in Cancun can be an overwhelming experience, especially for someone who doesn’t have experience in visiting a diverse city. While loaded up immaculate white-sand sea shores, palm trees, daylight, and a lot of cervezas (lager), there are a lot of things that can happen in Cancun: good and bad.

We’ve been on many occasions, and each time we’ve taken in another tip to have a superior travel understanding, remain safe. So here are some tips that you can follow when travelling to this beautiful country.

Stay in the right location for your trip plans

Cancun is a diverse city. Remaining in the correct zone of the more prominent Cancun territory can dramatically affect your inside and out understanding.

Regardless of whether you are exclusively there for a spring break party outing or need to encounter more noteworthy Cancun, the way of life, and food, picking the correct area for your outing objectives is vital.

Here is the place you should remain dependent on what you need your excursion to be.

Where to stay for an ideal beach and nightlife

If your vacation includes swimming and sunbathing the best thing you can do is to stay in the Hotel Zone. Don’t try to start an adventure, especially since it is your first time in this city. Going off the radar may bring you to somewhere dangerous. The hotel zone is also known as Zona Hotelera, which features a plethora of giant resort hotels.

Where to stay for families and cultural landmarks

You’re right. If loud parties and nightlife just isn’t your scene, don’t fret. Cancun is not just all about beaches and resorts.  You can stay in hotels closer to Tulum, Chichen Itza, and countless cenotes.

What you should pack for a trip to Cancun

  • Portable phone charger
  • Plenty of sunscreen for you and your kids. Since the weather in Cancun is sunny all year round, choose a sunscreen with high SPF.
  • Light clothing. The temperature in Cancun rarely dips below 70 degrees, which means light clothing can help you feel comfortable.
  •   Multiple swimwear options
  • Flip-flops and close-toed shoes for adventures or nightlife
  • Bug-spray for adventures

There you go!  Thanks for dropping by to read some tips about making your vacation in Cancun wonderful.  See you in the next round. 

Top Hotels in Ireland

There are so many reasons to visit Ireland. It is home to the dozens of popular tourist destinations in the world that offer the most spectacular coastal landscapes in Europe. Ireland is definitely a beautiful getaway whether it is your honeymoon or family or solo trip.   That is why we have listed the top hotels in Ireland where you can choose to stay. The following is a list of the top hotels according to


 Ballyfin is one of the finest country houses in Ballyfin, now refurbished into an elegant and fabulous hotel. Tourists have top-listed this hotel for its cozy accomodation and spectacular view of the lake. Ballyfin always gives tourists a remarkable experience owing to its friendly staff and high-standard service. We love the rooms, the view, and food in this hotel.

Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle has always been known as one of the most popular hotels in Ireland. Talk about its natural grandeur and centuries-old architecture. This hotel offers modern comforts amidst its vintage ambiance. The view of the outside setting is spectacular and the rooms are fragrant and clean. The hotel is huge but it feels so homily. It feels like a home away from home. The staffs are very friendly and the services are impeccable. We love how the staffs treated us like VIPs in the hotel as it does to everyone. You’ll absolutely get what you’ve paid for in this hotel.

Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa

Have you ever watched movies with castle-like hotels? Well, they are real. Take for example the Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa which will makes you feel like you’re entering the white house. Situated at a proximity to Dublin’s urban delights and the sweeping uplands, it is a great place for people who want to have a spacious and gracious setting. The place feels quite secluded but you’ll be entertained by the nature that surrounds it. We super love its lush surroundings and the breath of fresh air. Everything in this hotel is so lovely and unforgettable.

Mount Juliet

When we first set foot in this hotel, it felt like Cinderrella is about to open the window to sing a lovely song. Yes, this hotel is quite like those you see on the television and is absolutely amazing. Mount Juliet is located amidst the 500 acres of verdant Kilkinny countryside.  This hotel offers a great accommodation and what will surprise you are the Michelin-starred gastronomic delights. If you need somewhere to relax, Mount Juliet is a great place for you.

7 Tips When Traveling to Brazil

Brazil is one of the invigorating countries to visit not to mention its natural wonders and seductive culture. However, we also know that it comes surrounded by horror stories of drug related crimes and murders. So if you want to visit this country and enjoy the wonderful experience it can offer, you need to follow these tips.

Use the help of a professional tour guide

Don’t go into an adventure alone. If you want to tour places like Pantanal and Amazon, which are fascinating yet very dangerous, you need to have someone who already has experience traversing these places. 

While the wildlife is admirable, they can also be dangerous at some point. Also you don’t want to end up getting lost in a vast rainforest where no one can hear you call for help.

Don’t play hero

If your friends are caught in unpleasant situation such as they are being robbed, do not attempt to fight back against the robbers. Better yet, surrender your possessions and run away.

The safest option would be to have a low-end phone that you can bring outside. Always have a spare phone hidden in your suits in case of emergencies and do not bring valuables like expensive gadgets and jewelry if you plan on walking down the streets.

Avoid the north zones

If you are booking hotels you would want to avoid the north zone. We have all heard of how many drug related crimes that usually happen around the favelas (slums) in the north. If you want a favela tour, you can go south of Rio de Janeiro which is safer. You can tour around Rocinha, Vidgal, and Tavares to enjoy some night parties with friends.

Use sunscreen and drink a lot of water

 Most of the days in Brazil are really sunny. Summertime can be intense and the temperature can reach up to 50 degrees. While it is nice to get tanned, it is always safe to use sunscreen to prevent skin damage. Also drink a lot of water and stay hydrated.  Make it a habit to carry your own tumbler with water to avoid rushing into stores just to purchase bottled water.

Do not drive motorcycles 

The traffic in Brazil is quite heavy. Although taking the motorcycle will help you reach your destination faster than taxis, it is not advisable especially if you are not familiar with the highways in Brazil. In Sao Paula city, nearly three people die from motor accidents every day.

Exploring Alaska!

When it comes to breathtaking natural landscapes and impromptu encounters with a myriad of wildlife, there is no other state quite like Alaska. Renowned as “The Last Frontier”, Alaska may have been admitted into the union as the 49th state but it certainly jumps right to the very top in terms of amazing beauty.

If you have yet to visit Alaska, where have you been? All right! Let’s find it out what exactly Alaska can offer you if you visit Alaska. 


Most of the visitors venture to Alaska to see the jaw-dropping scenery of eye-catching nature, majestic mountains, glaciers, fjords, clear lakes, and the National Parks. Cruising along the Inside Passage and seeing the villages with picturesque backdrop was one of the highlights of our trips. Some cities, like Sitka, are only accessible by water or air.

Alaska has some of the world’s most scenic highways like the Seward Highway or Denali Park Road perfect for an unforgettable road trip. The trains also offer memorable journeys through stunning landscapes.


The state is one of the best places for wildlife spotting. It was incredible to see many magnificent bald eagles flying overhead. Cruising on Alaska’s waters will give you many opportunities to see seals and sea lions on the water and even bears and whales from a distance.

The land excursions included seeing bald eagles up close at Sitka’s Alaska Raptor Center. You will also see hundreds of salmon swimming and jumping on a cove in Ketchikan. If you’re traveling further into Alaska, consider the Denali Park Road to see the US version of the Big 5: grizzly bears, moose, wolves, caribou, and Dall sheep.

Native Culture and History

Alaska has abundant as well as the varied history that consists of the Native Indians, Russian fur traders and gold miners. Don’t miss checking out the distinct galleries and cultural heritage facilities throughout Alaska. We loved learning about the state’s background and culture with interesting paintings, displays, and artifacts.

Ketchikan has the world’s biggest symbol post collection with a number of parks to see these distinct hand makings. They told the tales, heritage and also tales of the Native Indians. Sitka was Russia’s major Pacific port for over 60 years and where the USA obtained it from the Russians. There are still Russian impacts as well as historic structures below.


The Alaska Almanac approximates that the state has concerning 100,000 glaciers. Glaciers are specified as a “body of snow and ice that moves”.

They develop when snow, ice, and rock particles relocation from higher altitudes eventually producing layers of packed snow. Juneau’s Mendenhall Glacier is one of the most available ones. Lots of cruise ships sail into Glacier Bay National Park to see these glaciers at a close yet safe distance. One of our most remarkable travel moments was seeing the glaciers calve as well as hearing the roaring noise accompanying the glacial ice items break off. It was an extraordinary view.

Unique Adventures

Alaska’s landscape offers some special journeys on numerous travelers’ wants to list no matter what time of year you check out. This is exterior heaven, specifically throughout the summer season, for kayaking, river rafting, hiking, sport angling or beautiful flightseeing.

Glacier hiking and also ice climbing are also available. The midnight sun ensures you have plenty of time for these adventures. Winter months are the prime-time show for pet sledding in Denali National Park, ice angling, hot springs dipping, heli-skiing as well as north lights seeing.

A Caribbean Cruise to Remember!

When you get on the ship, there are various things to do and see, so make sure you spend your first few hours on the ship wisely, so you have time to do more things as the cruise goes on.

Eat lunch

Most cruisers prefer to grab a lunch immediately they board the ship, because it’s lunchtime already and considering how strenuous the previous activities have been, a lot of energy has been used up.

Register your children for adventure ocean and the nursery

If you are with kids, you should sign them up for Adventure Ocean or the Royal Babies and Tots Nursery. Registering them on the embarkation day is pretty quick; it gives the kids a chance to explore the facilities at Adventure Ocean.

You’ll find an Adventure Ocean table already set up on the ship to give you all necessary details about Adventure Ocean.

Explore the ship

Ensure you take your time to get yourself familiar with the ship you are on, and the best way to do this is to walk around and explore it. You’ll learn a lot when you observe the deck plans or read the Cruise Compass.

Tour the spa

It’s always fun to explore the facilities available in the spa as well as fun things for you to do with your family. If you intend to book a spa treatment for a specific day and time, try to make an appointment before everything starts to book up.

Go for a swim

One of the best times to take a swim is on the embarkation day because it is always open and most visitors usually don’t consider swimming that day. If you are with your swimsuits, head straight to the pool and have fun in the pool with just a few people.

With these things that have been itemized, you will definitely enjoy yourself on the Royal Caribbean Cruise, either you went alone, with family or a loved one.


The Best Hiking Trails in Arizona

If you’ve been to Arizona and haven’t hiked there, then you are missing out on half of the city. It really is the best way to take advantage of breathtaking panoramic views, incredible forests, wild, isolated beaches, and stellar city views. Hiking is really the best way to take advantage of our incredible forests, wild, isolated beaches, and stellar city views.

There are many hiking trails in Arizona which are very popular among tourists, but we are discussing the four main hiking trails for you to explore: Hot Spring Trail, Camelback Mountains, Rim to Rim trail and the Havasu Canyon trail. Ready for your hiking adventure? Lace up your shoes and let’s go away!

Make Sure to Carry These Things When Exploring Hikes

  •        Plenty of Water Bottles
  •        A Safety Whistle
  •        Good Hiking Shoes
  •        First Aid Kit
  •        Sunglasses
  •        Hat
  •        Snacks and Protein Bars

Camelback Mountain

 Located in the center of Scottsdale; the Camelback Mountain is one of the most iconic and popular hiking trails in Phoenix, Arizona. Camelback Mountain incorporates two separate pathways that adjoin at the crest of the mountain with views of all Downtown Phoenix, North Scottsdale, and Tempe. The famous Cholla trail and Echo Canyon trail are integrated on Camelback Mountain. The average hikers will take around 45 minutes to 1 hour to hit the Summit.

Rim to Rim Trail

If you are looking for a little exercise or want to spend a couple of days on the trail, Rim to Rim trail is perfect for you! Many trails in Arizona take you down to the canyon floor where you can camp for the night and then trek back up to the rim. The longest trail is the 23-mile Rim to Rim Trail, which puts you down 6,000 feet from the north edge into the gorge and after that another 5,000 feet back up to the south side. Most of the professional hikers take somewhere around three days to complete the entire trail, and you should look ahead to it to be dangerously hard.

Havasu Canyon Trail or Grand Canyon National Park

 Havasu Canyon trail is a famous hiking trail in Coconino County, Arizona. 6.3 miles in length and starts at 5,178 feet elevation. Venturing to

every part of the whole trail is 12.7 miles with an aggregate height gain of 3,339 feet. The Hualapai Hilltop stopping is close to the trailhead. There are additional bathrooms and cheap food. Along the trail there are springs.

Arizona Hot Spring

This is a must if you love to hike! Located near the Colorado River, this 3.25-mile hike to Arizona hot spring is a little-known gem, also one of the most popular hikes for locals and tourists. This trail meets the lake in the wake of following an extending, very limited gorge through dark volcanic rocks. The gulch likewise contains falls, and a 20-foot cascade climbed utilizing a metal stepping stool.

So, what are you waiting for? Discover one of these epic hiking trails in Arizona, for the memories lasting a lifetime! Don’t forget to pack your camera for these fantastic hikes.


Top Five Places To Visit  in Los Angeles

Are you planning your next vacation to Los Angeles? Great! For a good reason, Los Angeles is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world! Filled with a lot of attractions; the breathtaking beaches, amusement parks, the Ocean and the perfect weather make it an ideal destination for a vacation. Read on for our picks for the top 5 places to visit when you are visiting the City of Angels.

Santa Monica Pier

One of the most famous beaches in the Los Angeles, a visit to Santa Monica beach is a must. The Santa Monica beach also featured in the famous Hollywood movie Baywatch! If you are visiting this place with kids, take them to ride the Ferris wheel at the Santa Monica Pier. Don’t forget to enjoy the vibrant nightlife, and the delicious food at some of the most excellent restaurants.

Universal Studio

A visit to Universal Studio Hollywood is an absolute must while visiting Los Angeles! There is something for everyone here. Home to the film studio and theme park, the Universal Studio Hollywood offers a unique experience to visitors that is entirely worth the cost! It’s the place where some Blockbuster movies made. In addition to this, visitors can take a look at the behind-the-scenes studio tour, and live-action shows characteristic marvelous stunts. We recommend you to buy tickets online in advance.

The Hollywood Sign

One of the most recognizable symbols of Southern California, the Hollywood Sign, is also very easy to get to and should be a go-to destination at least once throughout your time in Los Angeles. Each of Hollywood Sign constructed from metal squares, every letter of the famous Sign is 30 feet wide and about 43 feet high and light up around evening time.

Hollywood Boulevard

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Los Angeles, Hollywood Boulevard is home to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, footprints at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, and the Hollywood and Highland shopping and restaurants. If you are traveling along with kids, take them to the Chinese Theater, where they can see the hand and impressions of motion picture and amusement stars deified in actual.

Venice Beach

Take a leisurely walk on the Venice Beach boardwalk for the unique people-watching in LA. The Venice shoreline offers an extraordinary and lively blend of activities and attractions. Extending around one a half miles along the manicured sands of the Pacific Ocean, the footpath is a huge piece of what makes Venice unique. On the west side of the “walk” are many street sellers and entertainers.

Griffith Observatory

Perhaps, one of the most visited public observatories in the world, the Griffith Observatory draws millions of visitors per year! For a stellar view of the city and surrounding areas, go to the Griffith Observatory. The building itself highlights mind-blowing design, ideal for a photograph. Entry to the observatory is free, but you have to pay a few dollars for the planetarium shows here. Once you’re done with the Griffith Observatory, discover some fantastic hiking trails and take a stroll around Griffith Park, the country’s biggest urban park.

Apart from the places mentioned above to visit, make sure to pay a visit to the Disneyland resort, Dodger stadium, Olvera Street and other famous sites of Los Angeles! Deciding what areas to visit first can be a challenging task, but rest assured no matter what areas you explore, your visit will be exciting and memorable!


Best Places to Visit in India on a Summer Vacation

India has so many incredible things to offer visitors. Choice of travel destinations in India seems to be endless. On the off chance that you travel India, North to South side, you will experience all different climates, a wide range of individuals, and altogether different ways to deal with life itself.

But if you don’t have enough time to visit all of India, we have shortlisted some best places to visit in India during the summer that will leave you totally breathless! So are you all set to fall in love with beautiful India. Here’s a list of the best places to visit in India in the Summer.


Located in Kashmir, Srinagar is definitely one of the best tourist places to visit in India! Loaded up with natural beauty, this jewel of Kashmir is probably the heaven on Earth to be joined with nature. There are a number of tourist spots to visit in Srinagar include Dal Lake, Shalimar Bagh, Mughal Gardens, Jama Masjid, Badshah Tomb, Nishant Bagh and more. Enjoy the houseboat stay and Shikara rides over Dal Lake. The best time to visit Srinagar is between April to October when the climate is at its best.

Leh Ladakh

 Waiting for an ideal summer vacation? Ladakh is one of the best places to visit in India in May. It’s a dream vacation for bikers. Commonly known as tiny Tibet, this is a place that is known for captivating Buddhist religious monasteries. If you are a passionate adventurer, plan a bike trip to Ladakh and you will never have an experience like that ever. The Pangong Lake standout amongst the most delightful and quiet sights one can wish for.


Coorg is a small hill station in Karnataka which is best known for its natural beauty alongside mouth-watering food. You will be overpowered at seeing valleys, mountains, and backwoods as they offer everything worth blowing your mind. Also, thus, to no one’s shock, Coorg discovers its name among the best places to visit during summer in India.


Sikkim is one of the most stunning tourist places, you will stopover during your stay in India. It is the home of the prehistoric Buddhist Monasteries. In Sikkim, you will feel the supernatural embodiment of Buddhism and, who knows, perhaps feel it purge your spirit, making it one of the best places you need to visit in your existence!



Having one of the most famous Buddhist monasteries of the country, it has become a very well visited place. Be that as it may, nothing beats heading out to the place in the summer, when the warmth is severe, your city, you can simply look for captive in this amazing hill station. You can visit Paradise Lake at Sea Pass, Tawang Monastery, Gorichen Peak, Taktsang Gompa, Nuranang Waterfall, and Pankang Teng Tso Lake during your stay in Tawang.

Plan a trip to any one of these summer destinations in India to spend quality time with your loved ones. We took our best friends to celebrate 10 years in business together (Mesa Painting Pros).  It will be a lifetime memory. So what are you waiting for? Get your camera ready and pack your bags.

What You Need To Know When Traveling To Bali

Ever met anyone who’s been to Bali and asked them about their vacation experience? If not, you might want to pull the trigger and visit this beautiful island yourself. Bali isn’t a destination you simply visit and forget. You’ll even want to live there forever, for lack of better words.

The Indonesian Island boasts of friendly locals, coral-speckled beaches, great hiking opportunities, crystal-clear blue waters, world-class dining, luscious green rice terraces, and more. It’s even more interesting that it’s one of the most inexpensive destinations you can visit.

Bali remains one of the world’s major havens for yoga junkies, scuba divers, sun worshippers, and surfers alike. No matter what time and what you’re planning to do at this destination, you can make the most of your vacation or visit with these five travel tips.

Dip into Some Hot Springs

In addition to spending time at the coral-speckled beaches in Bali, dip yourself into some of the natural pools here as you enjoy the spectacular landscape all around you. Together with your friends or other visitors head to the northern mountains where you’ll find several hot springs on the shores of Lake Batur.  Towards the Island’s northern coast near Lovina is Air Banjar, a site where eager visitors also come to enjoy warm waters in the hot springs.

Learning about the Balinese Culture in Ubud is a Must Do

Bali has a vibrant culture that every visitor traveling there must interact with and explore. All over the island you’ll come across traditional dances, but you can’t miss out on the Balinese culture. Ubud is the place to learn how far this beautiful island has come in matters culture. Of course, you’ll have company as there are many other visitors looking forward to learning about this culture at Ubud. Ubud is not only a popular tourist site in Bali but features numerous historical sites, traditional dance shows, and artistic temples. Remember to come on an empty stomach as the best food in Bali is found here!

Take a Trip to Nusa Lembongan

If you want to experience some cheap but great diving when in Bali, Nusa Lembongan is the place to go. Surfers also come here to have a good time. Some of the best surfing breaks on the island can be found here. Let’s just say this little island offers visitors with an alternative to some of the experiences found on the mainland. Don’t expect so much from the beaches, though. It can be found right off the coast of Bali.

You can Just Try Eating Everything

Yes, if you can, go for it! Why not? Whether it’s the Japanese cuisine or Thai fusion cuisine or Chinese and American cuisine, Bali features almost everything anyone would want. Don’t leave before ordering the Indonesian staple gado gado. A few places to visit for local cuisine include the night market at Gili Trawangan for grilled king prawns, the Potato Head Beach Club, and Seminyak.

Head towards the East for Snorkeling, West for Waves

Top attractions in Bali include the calmer waters towards the east and the waves in the island’s west coast spots such as Kuta and Canggu. The island is renowned for its ideal surfing conditions and great scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities. If you are a novice, no need to worry since there’s the Rip Curl Surf School in Legian where you can take classes before putting on your gear.