7 Tips When Traveling to Brazil

Brazil is one of the invigorating countries to visit not to mention its natural wonders and seductive culture. However, we also know that it comes surrounded by horror stories of drug related crimes and murders. So if you want to visit this country and enjoy the wonderful experience it can offer, you need to follow these tips.

Use the help of a professional tour guide

Don’t go into an adventure alone. If you want to tour places like Pantanal and Amazon, which are fascinating yet very dangerous, you need to have someone who already has experience traversing these places. 

While the wildlife is admirable, they can also be dangerous at some point. Also you don’t want to end up getting lost in a vast rainforest where no one can hear you call for help.

Don’t play hero

If your friends are caught in unpleasant situation such as they are being robbed, do not attempt to fight back against the robbers. Better yet, surrender your possessions and run away.

The safest option would be to have a low-end phone that you can bring outside. Always have a spare phone hidden in your suits in case of emergencies and do not bring valuables like expensive gadgets and jewelry if you plan on walking down the streets.

Avoid the north zones

If you are booking hotels you would want to avoid the north zone. We have all heard of how many drug related crimes that usually happen around the favelas (slums) in the north. If you want a favela tour, you can go south of Rio de Janeiro which is safer. You can tour around Rocinha, Vidgal, and Tavares to enjoy some night parties with friends.

Use sunscreen and drink a lot of water

 Most of the days in Brazil are really sunny. Summertime can be intense and the temperature can reach up to 50 degrees. While it is nice to get tanned, it is always safe to use sunscreen to prevent skin damage. Also drink a lot of water and stay hydrated.  Make it a habit to carry your own tumbler with water to avoid rushing into stores just to purchase bottled water.

Do not drive motorcycles 

The traffic in Brazil is quite heavy. Although taking the motorcycle will help you reach your destination faster than taxis, it is not advisable especially if you are not familiar with the highways in Brazil. In Sao Paula city, nearly three people die from motor accidents every day.

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