What You Need To Know When Traveling To Bali

Ever met anyone who’s been to Bali and asked them about their vacation experience? If not, you might want to pull the trigger and visit this beautiful island yourself. Bali isn’t a destination you simply visit and forget. You’ll even want to live there forever, for lack of better words.

The Indonesian Island boasts of friendly locals, coral-speckled beaches, great hiking opportunities, crystal-clear blue waters, world-class dining, luscious green rice terraces, and more. It’s even more interesting that it’s one of the most inexpensive destinations you can visit.

Bali remains one of the world’s major havens for yoga junkies, scuba divers, sun worshippers, and surfers alike. No matter what time and what you’re planning to do at this destination, you can make the most of your vacation or visit with these five travel tips.

Dip into Some Hot Springs

In addition to spending time at the coral-speckled beaches in Bali, dip yourself into some of the natural pools here as you enjoy the spectacular landscape all around you. Together with your friends or other visitors head to the northern mountains where you’ll find several hot springs on the shores of Lake Batur.  Towards the Island’s northern coast near Lovina is Air Banjar, a site where eager visitors also come to enjoy warm waters in the hot springs.

Learning about the Balinese Culture in Ubud is a Must Do

Bali has a vibrant culture that every visitor traveling there must interact with and explore. All over the island you’ll come across traditional dances, but you can’t miss out on the Balinese culture. Ubud is the place to learn how far this beautiful island has come in matters culture. Of course, you’ll have company as there are many other visitors looking forward to learning about this culture at Ubud. Ubud is not only a popular tourist site in Bali but features numerous historical sites, traditional dance shows, and artistic temples. Remember to come on an empty stomach as the best food in Bali is found here!

Take a Trip to Nusa Lembongan

If you want to experience some cheap but great diving when in Bali, Nusa Lembongan is the place to go. Surfers also come here to have a good time. Some of the best surfing breaks on the island can be found here. Let’s just say this little island offers visitors with an alternative to some of the experiences found on the mainland. Don’t expect so much from the beaches, though. It can be found right off the coast of Bali.

You can Just Try Eating Everything

Yes, if you can, go for it! Why not? Whether it’s the Japanese cuisine or Thai fusion cuisine or Chinese and American cuisine, Bali features almost everything anyone would want. Don’t leave before ordering the Indonesian staple gado gado. A few places to visit for local cuisine include the night market at Gili Trawangan for grilled king prawns, the Potato Head Beach Club, and Seminyak.

Head towards the East for Snorkeling, West for Waves

Top attractions in Bali include the calmer waters towards the east and the waves in the island’s west coast spots such as Kuta and Canggu. The island is renowned for its ideal surfing conditions and great scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities. If you are a novice, no need to worry since there’s the Rip Curl Surf School in Legian where you can take classes before putting on your gear.

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